Aaron Rodgers' plumbing advice to Sam Dekker: Check the plug, 'idiot'

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Next time, Aaron Rodgers and Sam Dekker probably will check the electrical plug first.

Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers' quarterback and a noted handyman, could’ve saved himself some time if he had done that first over the weekend. Rodgers was hanging out with Dekker, a Los Angeles Clippers forward and former University of Wisconsin star, who couldn’t get his garbage disposal to work.

Rodgers knew exactly where to turn for instructions.

“There’s incredible tutorials on YouTube -- just about anything you want to learn, just type it into YouTube,” Rodgers said Wednesday.

“He’s 23 years old. I know he’s engaged and taking the next step to being an adult, but he’s not quite there yet. So I went under the sink. What the tutorial told me was to test the switch first: What kind of rumble you hear or lack of rumble tells you what’s going on with the garbage disposal. So I flipped the switch and nothing happened.”

Rodgers knew that meant one of two things.

“One, it’s completely broken and it needs to be changed out -- or two, it’s not plugged in,” Rodgers said, chuckling. “It wasn’t plugged in. So that’s the picture of me holding the plug as I call him from the other room. It said, ‘Hey idiot, it wasn’t plugged in.’ He’s learning.”

Dekker posted the picture on Twitter.

"I don't know exactly how it happened," Dekker said during an appearance Tuesday on ESPN Milwaukee’s Wilde and Tausch radio show. "He was over Saturday watching football, and I was making food and my sink got so backed up … I was like, 'Can you look at it?'

"All it was, was he went under there and somehow my disposal unplugged. So that was literally the only fix needed; I was too lazy to go under there, so he did it. I'm a big guy, so I didn't want to go all the way underneath there. He was already right there, so he just went down and told me, 'Well, first of all, this needs to be plugged in.' And then it worked."