Packers say 'helmet-to-helmet' hit on Brett Hundley ruined last drive

PITTSBURGH -- The Green Bay Packers' final drive went awry after what they felt was a helmet hit on quarterback Brett Hundley when T.J. Watt sacked him on the first play.

Watt wasn't penalized, and the play left the Pittsburgh Steelers with enough time -- 17 seconds -- to pull off a game-winning field goal drive in Sunday night's 31-28 loss.

"There was a hit on the first play," McCarthy said. "We all recognized it. The quarterback wasn't checked."

The Packers took over with 1:20 left and one timeout at their own 18-yard line in a 28-28 game. After Watt's sack went for a 6-yard loss, Hundley said McCarthy asked through the helmet speaker whether he was OK. That delayed McCarthy's play call, which ended up being a short pass to Jamaal Williams. The rookie running back ran out of bounds after a 3-yard gain. That stopped the clock with 32 seconds left.

"The play entry from the boundary went in late because I thought there was a helmet-to-helmet hit on Brett Hundley," McCarthy said. "You obviously check to see if your quarterback's OK. That's a natural reaction in the flow of the game. It might affect how you're going to call the second play, too. That's what happened as far as Jamaal. I don't fault Jamaal for going out of bounds on the second down.

"Jamaal didn't know we were out of the two-minute mode. ... It's football. It happens. Hey, I don't want to see officials make calls in the fourth quarter of a game. It happens sometimes. It happened tonight. That's the reality of what happened. No excuses. That's where we were."

Hundley said he never got the chance to tell Williams not to run out of bounds and that they were going to play for overtime.

"It's football," Hundley said. "You've got to get up and keep playing. Threw a screen, and we just didn't communicate with Jamaal ... letting him know what the situation is, and that's on me as the quarterback to let him know and let our offense know what our thoughts are going into the down."

Hundley played his best game since he took over in Week 6 after Aaron Rodgers broke his collarbone. He threw for 245 yards with three touchdown passes and led a 12-play, 77-yard drive that tied the game on Jamaal Williams' 4-yard touchdown run with 2:02 left to play.