Packers say Davante Adams 'frustrated' after second illegal hit

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- All Davante Adams could do Tuesday was smile and walk through the Green Bay Packers locker room with his quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, at his side.

For the second time this season, Adams is in the concussion protocol, which means he couldn’t talk to reporters.

But fellow Packers receiver Randall Cobb had plenty to say about his teammate.

Cobb used a profane word to describe the illegal block Adams took from Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis on Sunday, then categorized Adams’ mood as one of frustration.

“It’s bulls---,” Cobb said Tuesday. “Excuse my language, but there’s no place in this game for that. It’s already a violent enough game, and we put our lives on the line every single time we take that field. Unnecessary hits like that in a situation like Davante was in this past week, it’s uncalled for.”

That echoes what came from coach Mike McCarthy a day earlier, when he said "there's no place in this game for those types of hits." The NFL agreed, suspending Davis for two games.

For Adams, however, it’s the second time this season he’s been the victim of an illegal hit. He was concussed in Week 4 after Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan knocked him out of a game. Trevathan also was suspended by the league.

Adams can’t talk to the media because he’s still in the concussion protocol, but that didn’t stop him from making several social media posts about Davis, who Adams said was “head hunting.”

The Packers have not said whether Adams would play in either of the final two regular-season games if he’s cleared from the concussion protocol. Adams is scheduled to become a free agent this coming offseason and would be one of the most coveted receivers on the market if he’s healthy and the Packers don’t re-sign him by then.

“He’s very frustrated,” Cobb said. “It sucks. It sucks to be in that position. But that’s where he is, and his health is most important right now.”