Packers' Davante Adams knows right shoes, but not right time yet to return

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GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Last week, Davante Adams said his turf toe felt “a million times better.”

This week, he said it feels “2 million” times better after a couple of days of workouts.

So how many million times better will it take for the Green Bay Packers Pro Bowl receiver to return from the torn ligaments in his right big toe?

“That’s the only answer I do not have yet,” Adams said this week.

What Adams does have is a pair of shoes he thinks will be good for his toe whenever he returns, but it doesn’t sound like it will be this Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs after the Packers listed him as doubtful.

However, that’s actually an encouraging sign considering the last three weeks the Packers simply ruled him out at the end of the week.

Adams still hasn’t practiced since the Sept. 26 injury, although he ran some routes -- without a helmet and at half-speed -- at the beginning of Friday’s on-field work. He also settled on a pair of new shoes -- actually old shoes -- that he thinks will provide added comfort, the Nike Vapor Untouchables he wore during the 2017 season.

“I'm a little limited right now, but for the most part I can do a lot of different footwork stuff,” Adams said Thursday. “It's just the full-speed routes right now that are a little tougher for me. So I'm trying to fight through that, but I'm in a really good spot right now.”

Coach Matt LaFleur on Friday remained committed to waiting until game day to make a final call on Adams, but the injury designation of doubtful likely means the Packers will put off an actual decision until next week at the Los Angeles Chargers. But at this point, it does not appear that the Packers are intent on waiting until after their bye -- which doesn’t come until Nov. 17 -- to bring back Adams.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers showed last Sunday with his five-touchdown-pass performance that the Packers' offense can function without Adams, and with the Packers at 6-1 it makes sense not to rush back Adams before he can play like the Pro Bowl receiver he is.

“I want him to be healthy first and foremost, and that's a tough injury to deal with,” Rodgers said. “You've seen other top receivers who've had similar injuries and it nags them for most of the season. I'd love for him to be as healthy as possible before he comes back.”