Brett Favre's quarantine fun: TikTok videos and (orange) hair dye

What does a Hall of Fame quarterback do during his quarantine?

If it’s former Green Bay Packer Brett Favre, try TikTok and hair dye.

Yes, that was orange hair that Favre revealed when he removed his hat during an interview with CBS.

“Consider this quarantine Week 4,” Favre said. “Next week, I may go with pink, so stay tuned.”

Here’s the backstory from Favre at his home in Mississippi.

“I’ve got gray hair or silver hair normally, so my daughter and two of her classmates have been quarantined here at the house and they said, ‘Hey Dad, let’s make a TikTok,’” Favre said. “I tried my hand at that. My dancing was terrible. We got on the subject of colored hair and I said, ‘Color my hair, whatever.’ I don’t have anything to do other than this right now. We’re quarantined. Call me crazy. We tried a blonde first, but I think it was too close to my silver hair that it didn’t do anything, and I said, ‘Let’s go with something crazy like orange.’ So here we are.”