Fernando Perez moving on

Fernando Perez is one of the few people we have heard of following the “Bryce Harper” junior college route to professional baseball. In an interview today at the Arizona Senior Fall Classic, Perez told us that he would be forgoing his senior spring semester to attend Central Arizona Community College. This will allow Perez to be draft eligible come the MLB first year players draft in June of 2012.

Currently playing third base for Otay Ranch (Chula Vista, Calif.), Perez is an outstanding ball player who runs, hits and fields well. In the 60-yard dash he consistently runs a 6.9-7.0 second dash, he hits for good power and swings for a solid average. Down the line we can see his power increasing as he fills in his frame (currently 6-foot-1, 190 pounds) as he still seems to be growing. In the field he plays a solid third base with good arm strength across the diamond.

Check out the video above to hear his decision about going to college early.