Elite 11 Watch: Missouri QB Trent Hosick

Staley (Kansas City, Mo.) quarterback Trent Hosick makes a throw at the Oakland NFTC on May 20. The junior will compete at the Elite 11 regional in Las Vegas on June 16. Tom Hauck/ESPNHS

Throughout this offseason, we’ve spotlighted Class of 2013 quarterbacks who have a shot at making the Elite 11 finals in July. This week, we profile Staley (Kansas City, Mo.) junior Trent Hosick, who will compete in the Las Vegas Elite 11 regional on June 16.

Since transferring from Ozark (Mo.) after his freshman year, Trent Hosick has adjusted nicely at Staley (Kansas City, Mo.). After sitting out a year, he excelled in his first season under center this past year, maintained a high GPA and even made waves on YouTube by creating a video on how to "Heisman" with teammate Morgan Steward. But there is one thing the junior quarterback has not grown accustomed to since becoming a Falcon — losing.

In the fall, Hosick totaled 2,403 yards and 31 touchdowns on the ground while throwing for 1,422 yards and 10 touchdowns to lead Staley to a 14-0 record and the Class 5 championship, a first for the football program. Then in the winter, the 225-pound Hosick went 29-0 en route to the Class 3 heavyweight wrestling title, besting competitors who were sometimes 70 pounds bigger than him.

With his past success driving his thirst for more, Hosick will join some of the nation's top gunslingers for the final Elite 11 regional on June 16 in Las Vegas. Rated the nation's No. 23 pocket passer by ESPN, Hosick took time out to talk about his victorious junior campaign, commitment to Missouri and intense competitive drive.

ESPNHS: After going undefeated and winning a state title in football, what was it like doing the same thing in wrestling?

Hosick: I've been wrestling for 13 years and since I'm graduating early next year, I won't be around to wrestle as a senior, so what's not to love about what happened? It was a great conclusion to my wrestling career and made me even more competitive. It's definitely made me a better football player, too. It's taught me discipline and helped take my training to another level because no one works harder than wrestlers. That's the hardest type of training there is. I think what gives me an edge is the way I train, so there's no doubt that wrestling has helped me out in football, too.

ESPNHS: How hard was it wrestling guys who were sometimes 70 pounds bigger than you?

Hosick: I tried to put weight on during the season, but it's hard when you're wrestling because you have four-hour practices almost every day. I ended up wrestling state at 218 and most of the year I was weighing 212.

ESPNHS: After leading a run-first offense last season, what are you looking to show at the Elite 11 regional next month?

Hosick: At this point, I'm already committed to Missouri, so I'm not into impressing recruiters. Number one, I love competition, so winning is very important to me. What I hope to show at the camp is that I am one of the best throwing quarterbacks in the country. I have confidence in that. Our offense doesn't always showcase that, and that's fine because we won a state title, which is most important. But whatever doubts people had about me throwing, I plan on changing them and making them say "Wow, this kid is a great thrower."

ESPNHS: What would it mean to get an invitation to the Elite 11?

Hosick: I'd of course be really excited to be a part of the Elite 11, but at the same time I feel like I belong. There will be a lot of phenomenal players out there and I feel confident that I can throw with the best guys in the country. I'd be honored if the coaches thought that as well and invited me to the competition.

ESPNHS: What made you commit to Missouri as a junior?

Hosick: The number one thing to me in looking for a school was finding a place where the coaching staff, particularly the coach I would spend the most time around, were people I could consider a friend and who were winners. That's the type of relationship I have with [Staley] coach [Fred] Bouchard now. I don't want it to be a serious business relationship. I really love [Missouri assistant] coach [David] Yost and that's the biggest thing I found at Missouri, guys I can go to work with and consider family. The other thing was I wanted to go to a place where they were good but not quite national champions like Alabama or LSU. I wanted to be at a school that was just on the cusp of becoming the best team in the country and I want to be that piece that helps put them over the top. Plus, the guys they are bringing in and the move to the SEC make it even better. If I had waited eight more months, I still would've made the same decision to go to Missouri.

ESPNHS: One of those guys coming in next season is Dorial Green-Beckham. What would it be like to potentially be throwing to a player like him?

Hosick: It's very exciting. Dorial is an extremely rare high school football player and is going to be a great college player. At the same time, he will be a teammate and I hope he's willing to go to work because we have work to do as a team. I think we can do something special together. I know Dorial a little bit and I'm also very excited to play with Morgan Steward again, who is one of my best friends.

ESPNHS: What have you been working on in anticipation for your senior year and the next level?

Hosick: I watch my own video and critique myself and there are a few things I'm changing about my game. I'm working on my timing and trying to grow in making my reads quicker. I want to look off safeties better and be able to zip the ball in there. I'm also working on my "two throw," which is when you throw over the linebacker and in front of the safeties. My pocket presence is another thing, where I don't feel like I have to rush too soon. I can make plays with my feet if I need to, but the area I need to grow in most is taking a step up in the pocket and throwing with confidence even if there's a guy coming for me.

ESPNHS: With all the winning you've done, how much more pressure does that create for you to succeed as a senior?

Hosick: It does raise the bar and we have a very high standard for our team this coming year. I was a little worried at first about coming out again after such a wonderful season and having that same passion. But it didn't take long for it to come back and for me to start getting excited again. And we're going to do it again. Our first game is against Lee's Summit West and I'm confident we can push our team as hard as we can and win the championship again.

ESPNHS: At this point, do you even remember what it's like to lose in sports?

Hosick: I remember it enough not to want to do it again [laughs]. I don't like losing. It's the same thing that pushes me in academics, too. If I get a B, there's an A to be had in the class and if I got a B, then I know someone did better than me. I don't know why the Lord made me this way, but I just don't like losing in anything. And I won't do anything unless I know I will win at it. A lot of my friends like to challenge me in HORSE because they know I'm a cruddy shooter. So even though I like shooting hoops, I won't do it sometimes because I don't like losing. It sounds crazy, I know. But that's just the way I am.

Trent Hosick

School: Staley (Kansas City, Mo.)

Position: QB

Class: 2013

2011 Team Record: 14-0 (Class 5 state champ; No. 1 in Missouri POWERADE state rankings)

2011 Stats

Passing Yards: 2,403

TDs: 31

Rushing Yards: 1,422

TDs: 10

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