I knew I loved sports when ...

Think back to the first time you said those three magical words: “I love sports.”

Were you about to fall asleep in bed with your cleats on? Or was it after you schooled that guy in a one-on-one? Or perhaps it crossed your mind right before you jumped onto a pile of your teammates after a huge overtime win.

Well the arrow’s been shot. And plenty of times. Thousands of high school girls around the country admit they have been hit by Cupid’s arrow of sporty love. We asked our 55,000 fans on our ESPNHS GIRL Facebook page “When did you first love sports?”

Here are 15 heartwarming comments we received. We heard so many love stories (over 200) that we're combining them into a "I Love Sports" poster in our next ESPNHS GIRL Magazine in February. Look out for your name!

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“I knew I loved sports when…”

… I fell asleep with my Nikes on my feet and my basketball in my bed. -- Jamie Hopkins

… I was 13 years old and I was out until 11 p.m. in my backyard in the dark trying to get a reverse layup right with a basketball hoop sitting in the grass and a dirt trail I dug up doing it over and over again. -- Darbie Napieralski

… You first meet your teammates in the ninth grade and you’re best friends the next hour. -- Victoria Jane Burkhart

… I realized the feeling of scoring the perfect goal was better than the feeling of a first kiss. -- Amanda Jank

… I found myself turning down hanging out with my friends because I had to go practice. -- Karina Velez

… Sweating was no longer a problem. -- Jacqueline Chantel

… The team became my second family. -- Shanay Edaakie

… I could hold a conversation about any team/player/sport with a guy, and know more than they did. -- Madisonn Felker

… I fell asleep with my glove after my first T-ball game. -- Mackenzie Huddleston

… I was the kid that still looked forward to gym class every day. I still do! -- Abby Salvadore

… I developed the mind set of, “You can’t get rid of me THAT easily.” -- Katie Magowan

… My seasons weren't fall, winter, spring and summer. They were swim, wrestling, track and summer swim. -- Emily Prevost

… I connected with my first home run, scored my first goal, and slammed my first kill. These moments made me realize that they aren't just games, they are a lifestyle … a religion. -- Christina Kaady

… I was put down, cussed at and embarrassed, but I still came to practice the next day. When I tried to quit, something wouldn't let me. -- Raven Alexandria

… Basketball was my excuse for everything. -- Jordan JZ Zeigler