Agent says familiary with Texans appeals to Wilfork

The Houston Texans want Vince Wilfork, and the interest is mutual.

The familiarity with the Texans staff is appealing to the massive nose tackle.

"Vince has several opportunities he's looking at," Wilfork's agent, Kennard McGuire, told Mark Berman of Houston's Fox 26. "Obviously I'm very biased being in Houston and wanting him to be here with me. I would welcome that.

"One of the benefits from the [Texans] organization's standpoint is that of familiarity. Vince played with [linebackers coach Mike] Vrabel. He was coached by Billy O and RAC [defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel]. All of those elements are appealing to Vince. I think it's a priority."

McGuire's last dealing with the Texans was on a less pleasant matter. He also represents receiver Andre Johnson, who chose the Colts after the Texans released him in part because of a familiarity with Colts coach Chuck Pagano. Pagano recruited Johnson to Miami many years ago.

"It's no different than Andre when Andre made his decision," McGuire said. "That decision was based off of familiarity and with Vince you have those same elements. I believe when that landscape is clear I'm hoping that he will look here."

McGuire, who lives in Houston, noted Wilfork, 33, is in no rush.

"There are about five or six other teams, mostly AFC teams, couple in the NFC, that are looking to add a player of Vince's magnitude," he said. "Vince is going to take his time."