Will Jadeveon Clowney start Week 1?

The Texans are not going to rush Jadeveon Clowney back from his December knee surgery. AP Photo/Patric Schneider

We're going to do something a little bit different with the Texans' mailbag this week.

We'll answer several questions on a variety of topics like a regular mailbag on Saturday. We'll dive into one question on Sunday that needs a little bit more space and discussion.

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Ganguli: He's not participating in on-field activities yet, which is part of the schedule. The rehab for microfracture surgery lasts nine months and he had his surgery in early December, which should mean he'll finish up rehab around early August. Once he's past that phase, though, starts the process of his getting back into playing shape. The Texans learned a hard lesson in rushing him last year when they tried to push him before his knee was ready. I expect he'll be available in Week 1, but whether he'll be ready to resume a starting role is a more iffy proposition. Ganguli: Right now the main competition is between Ryan Mallett and Brian Hoyer. They were signed this offseason to compete to be the Texans' starting quarterback. Hoyer had more leverage than Mallett, aided by the New York Jets' expressed interest, and so he's here on a richer contract. Savage was in a developmental role all last season. He has improved a lot since then and that's a positive for the Texans because they don't know if they'll need him at some point during the season. Right now, though, he is still a developmental quarterback. Ganguli: Cornerbacks Kareem Jackson and Johnathan Joseph are the starters, leading what might be the deepest position on the Texans' roster. At safety, the players have said they've been told both spots are up for grabs. I'd say Rahim Moore is a good bet  for one of those spots. Someone young is a likely possibility at the other spot, and Stevie Brown, who signed late in free agency, is also possible, though in the past his strengths have been similar to Moore's. Ganguli: My expectation is: left tackle Duane Brown, left guard Xavier Su'a-Filo, center Ben Jones, right guard Brandon Brooks and right tackle Derek Newton. Ganguli: I'd bet somewhere between 65 and 75 percent of the Texans' defensive snaps for Vince Wilfork. They'll take him out on most passing downs. Last season he played in 73.8 percent of the Patriots defensive snaps. The year before that, he played in onlt four games due to injury, but he was closer to 60 percent that year. Ganguli: His role will be impacted by Wilfork's presence. For 2015 I expect Nix to back up Wilfork and take over in case of injury or some other unforeseen circumstance. This will be a transition period for the Texans as they hope Nix works his way into being the team's starting nose tackle. They drafted him in 2014 to be a starter but had to call in reinforcements when he landed on injured reserve. They've spoken a lot more positively about Nix in the past few weeks than prior, so that could be a good sign for his future. Ganguli: I think the hope in the building is that he will be the starter this season. First- and second-round picks are drafted to be starters. The Texans jumped up to get McKinney because they had a need at that position, but they won't just give him the starting role without discussion. Expectations and reality sometimes don't coincide for a variety of reasons. Sometimes when a rookie is expected to start his first year and doesn't, it's on him. Other times it's the result of a veteran defending his turf. We'll monitor that during the next few months. Ganguli: The collective bargaining agreement allows pads starting the fourth day of training camp, or the third day of training camp practices.