Texans' Bill O'Brien: Kevin Johnson has a really bright future

HOUSTON -- Though the Texans selected cornerback Kevin Johnson in the first round, their roster doesn't have the urgency for him to play right away that comes with many first-round picks.

Nonetheless, coach Bill O'Brien has liked what he's seen out of Johnson.

"Kevin Johnson is a young player who’s got a really bright future," O'Brien said. "He’s learning the pro game. He’s got some really good guys to learn from in his coaches, obviously John Butler, but also Johnathan Joseph and Kareem Jackson."

Joseph and Jackson have been the Texans' starters for the past four seasons and are entering their fifth as a tandem. More and more last season, the Texans moved Jackson inside with A.J. Bouye taking the outside role when Jackson was playing inside.

This point in the season is valuable only up to a certain point. Teams can't put on pads or have contact during minicamp, which concludes Friday. Players are constantly reminded of that during practice.

"What Kevin does well is he’s a smart guy, he’s a hard worker, he’s a very good transitional player, so he’s able to at times see it and he’s able to transition very well," O'Brien said. "He’s got good quickness. Obviously, we’re in T-shirts and shorts. The key for Kevin, just like all the rookies, is how do they do when the full pads go on? A lot of these guys that are veterans, we kind of know what we have with a lot of these guys. With rookies, we don’t really know what we have until we see what they do in full pads. He would be one of those guys."