DeAndre Hopkins wants a little yorkie in a manbag

Texans receiver DeAndre Hopkins asks: "If I had a little yorkie and I had like a man bag would y'all judge me?" Patric Schneider/AP

DeAndre Hopkins is a great receiver, a superstar in the making. The Texans turned the page from Andre Johnson to Hopkins this offseason for exactly that reason.

What's missing from his life?

Perhaps a little dog in a manbag.

While the first episode of "Hard Knocks" showed Hopkins' on the field persona, the second episode showed a bit of his off-the-field style and quirky personality. The crew took a shopping trip with Hopkins, during which he showed them a bag that every man should have.

"It’s very European, ladies love it," Hopkins said. "If you got a little yorkie, a little dog and you’re a man, you can put it in there."

(Aside: Hopkins does have a bit of a European affinity. He grew up around a lot of Europeans and learned German in high school. He also loves European soccer.)

Cut to practice the next day when Hopkins is standing with a group of receivers and this conversation happens:

Hopkins: "I'm thinking about getting a little dog. I'm thinking about getting a little yorkie, so I can have like a manbag. I can put my dog in my manbag."

EZ Nwachukwu: "Please don't."

Hopkins: "That’s European. (Turns to other receivers) If I had a little yorkie and I had like a man bag would y’all judge me?”

Cecil Shorts: "Bougie"

Nwachukwu: "I wouldn't judge you, bro. I would delete your number."

Shorts: "I wouldn’t judge you."

Jaelen Strong: "I would judge you."

Shorts: "I wouldn't judge you, but I would just know you're bougie. You're high maintenance."

Nwachukwu: "You're trying to be great, you got a yorkie?"

Hopkins: “So I can bring it everywhere I go. I’m not at home all the time."

Unidentified voice: "You want to take care of the dog everywhere you go?"

Hopkins: "Yeah like, in the club with my dog."

As someone who takes my dog everywhere he's allowed, I certainly approve.