Texans still very likely to clinch AFC South

HOUSTON -- Had the Cincinnati beat the Denver, some pressure would be relieved this weekend for the Houston Texans.

Instead, the Broncos beat the Bengals, which meant the Texans couldn't yet clinch the strength of victory tiebreaker they would have needed to clinch a division title and a payoff berth this week.

It's still very likely the Texans win the AFC South. According to ESPN Stats and Info, the Colts need the Steelers, Dolphins, Jaguars, Bills, Broncos, Falcons, Raiders and Ravens all to win in Week 17 in order for the Texans to lose the AFC South. The Texans themselves can control their own fate. That Jaguars win would come at their expense on Sunday afternoon.

The Bengals beating the Broncos might have made things simpler for the Texans, but they will pay attention to the rest of the scenarios.

Under head coach Bill O'Brien, the one thing that's always been paramount remains so.

"I believe that we have to focus on the Jacksonville Jaguars, I really do," O'Brien said. "Believe me, I understand all those things and the scenarios. But I think this team has to really do what we’ve tried to do all year, especially in the last half of the season, is to show up every day and get better. Try to improve and try to win. Go out there on the game field and win. I think that’s the most important thing."