Astronaut in space helps kick off countdown to Super Bowl LI in Houston

Super Bowl 50 is barely cold, but the NFL began the countdown on Monday toward Super Bowl LI in Houston next year.

They got a little help from space.

"The next best place to space for the next Super Bowl is Houston," said commander Scott Kelly, on video from the International Space Station during a press conference in San Francisco. "... Houston, we have kickoff."

Next year's will be Houston's third Super Bowl and the first since 2004.

"We can't wait," NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said at the press conference. "And that's hard for me to say that on Monday morning, to think about the next Super Bowl."

Space and an international theme surfaced during the press conference. Houston's Super Bowl committee used the city's proximity to Mexico and its diverse demographics as part of its bid for next year's Super Bowl. The Texans will also be traveling to Mexico City to play a Monday night game on Nov. 21 this year. They hope that game will help foster relationships that will enhance the international presence at next year's Super Bowl.

"We want to take you to space but also around the globe," Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said. "I say that because Houston is the most diverse city in the country."

He didn't finish without a nod to the home team.

"We would be delighted to have [the Texans] in the Super Bowl as well," Turner said. "I just have to say that."