Bill Barnwell's tips for Texans include change regarding Arian Foster

HOUSTON -- Bill Barnwell's trip around the NFL with five moves each team should make stopped in the AFC South on Wednesday. Let's break down his suggestions for the Houston Texans:

* Restructure or move on from Arian Foster

My take: Barnwell is spot on with this one. The Texans simply can't afford to keep Foster with a cap number that exceeds $9 million with where he is in his career. Foster has been very important to the organization, but his injury situation won't improve as he gets older.

* Re-sign Brandon Brooks

My take: Barnwell notes that Brooks will be one of the best guards on the market this spring, and the Texans might have to choose between Brooks and center Ben Jones. I agree with both sentiments, but I'm not sure the Texans will choose Brooks over Jones.<

* Go after a zone-friendly veteran running back such as Lamar Miller or Alfred Morris

My take: The Texans' running back roster is very young, and having a veteran who has produced in the league wouldn't hurt. There are a lot of moving parts at this position for the Texans, though, so it wouldn't be the end of the world if the Texans didn't do this. A more dynamic draft pick might also be in the cards.

* Cut Rahim Moore

My take: Safety has become a blind spot for the Texans lately. They let go of Glover Quin to sign Ed Reed. They drafted D.J. Swearinger. Moore didn't work out and the Texans kept him inactive for half the season. Moore needs a change and the Texans need a change.

* Try not to panic into a bad decision at quarterback

My take: There is such a thing as being too cautious, but panic isn't a good thing either. The Texans need to find the middle ground here and make a decision. There are circumstances out of their control. Some quarterback drafts wind up being bad. Some wind up being exceptional. But more often than not, there is someone in the draft who is of starter-caliber who can help a team. An upgrade at the position, rather than a star, is really all the Texans need.