Owen Daniels asks Texans fans to be smart

With varying levels of rhetoric, Houston Texans players have been critical of fans who attended Sunday's game against the Oakland Raiders and were so noisy when Matt Schaub entered the game late in the third quarter that the Texans had to go to a silent count.

Left guard Wade Smith called it disappointing. Running back Ben Tate said fans in Houston are so "wishy-washy." Defensive end Antonio Smith pleaded with fans not to boo, saying it won't change the personnel decisions, and will only harm the Texans' offense.

Tight end Owen Daniels, currently on short-term injured reserve, appeared on Sports Talk 790 with Adam Clanton and Lance Zierlein on Tuesday morning and contributed his opinion:

"We want smart fans in the building," Daniels said. "We want people who are going to be quiet when we’re on offense and loud when we’re on defense. I’ve been in a lot of other buildings in this league and seen a lot of other smart groups of fans where you can hear a pin drop on offense, when their team’s offense is out there, no matter what the situation is. We had to go to a silent cadence at home when Matt went in the game because the fans were cheering and/or booing. To show their support and show their displeasure. They couldn’t really swallow their pride at a time when we were out there trying to work.

"They paid the money to show their emotions and their opinions on what’s going on during the game, but it wasn’t about them at that point. We’re still out there trying to win a football game which we very well were capable of doing. We just want them to be on the team’s side. I think they were showing their opinion about one player on the field when it’s always about more than one player. It’s always about the team."

Right now, though, fans aren't concerned about the potential negative impact on a few plays. To me it seems what they want is to be heard by an organization that's frustrating them and that's fallen well below expectations this season.