'I sleep next to it': From mom's house to undisclosed locations, here's where NFL players keep their Heismans

It wasn’t long after Danny Amendola signed with the Houston Texans that he asked Mark Ingram II an important question.

Where do you keep your Heisman Trophy?

It turns out Ingram keeps his Heisman at his mom’s house in Flint, Michigan. His mom, Shonda, keeps it on a little stand in the living room, Ingram said, with some family pictures surrounding it.

Ingram said he’s never kept the trophy with him because he was still in college when he won it.

“You don’t just keep it in the dorm,” Ingram said. “I just let her take it home, and it’s been there ever since. I told her I’m going to take it at some point when I have a nice appropriate display for it, but that time has not come yet.

“She says people come and [deliver] pizza and they be like ‘Is that a Heisman?’”

After hearing about the unique place Ingram keeps his Heisman award, ESPN wondered where other Heisman winners keep their trophy ahead of Saturday's ceremony in New York (8 p.m. ET, ESPN).

Some of the Heisman winners were forthcoming about where they store their hardware. Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray, who won his Heisman at Oklahoma in 2018, said his is at home.

“I sleep next to it,” Murray said.

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Marcus Mariota (Oregon, 2014) said his trophy is at his parents’ house in Hawaii. The newest Heisman winner, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeVonta Smith (Alabama) said his award is with him in Philadelphia.

“It’s just sitting in a room with all the rest of the trophies and stuff,” Smith said. “I’m trying to find a way to get all that put together, find somewhere to put that.”

But others were more coy about where their trophy is displayed.

"I got it hidden away," said Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, who won in 2016 at Louisville.

When asked where it was hidden, Jackson laughed and said, "It wouldn't be hidden if I told you."

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, who won his Heisman at Auburn in 2010, wouldn’t divulge the location of his trophy either.

“It’s where it’s needed to be. We’ve got a lot of viewers watching this right now,” Newton said with a big smile. “A lot of people put themselves in situations because they talk too much. A wise man once told me even a fish would have been alive had he kept his mouth shut.’’

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, who won his Heisman in 2019 at LSU, said his trophy is in his basement, but he had a message for anyone who may come looking for it.

“It’s in my house,” Burrow said. “... Locked up -- safely, out there for all the burglars out there who might want to come.”

ESPN NFL Nation reporters Tim McManus, Jamison Hensley, Josh Weinfuss, Paul Gutierrez, Ben Baby and David Newton contributed to this story.