RTC: Another call to draft Johnny Manziel

Reading the coverage of the Houston Texans...

Gregg Doyel from CBSSports.com hopes the recent leads about Blake Bortles and Texans owner Bob McNair's public gushing over Jadeveon Clowney are smokescreens. If they aren't, he thinks the Texans are stupid.

"Seriously, Blake Bortles? Look, if there was a no-brainer choice out there for the first overall pick, someone like Andrew Luck or Cam Newton, then the Texans should draft that guy. But that guy doesn't exist in this draft. This one is a crapshoot, with the broad-shouldered Bortles drawing comparisons to Ben Roethlisberger ... and Tim Tebow. Jadeveon Clowney? Sure, he could be another Julius Peppers. But what if he's the next Courtney Brown?

Teddy Bridgewater? Nobody has any idea what kind of pro quarterback he's going to be.

Since there isn't a no-brainer with that No. 1 overall pick, that leaves a no-brainer with the No. 1 overall pick: Johnny Manziel.

I hadn't heard the Tebow/Bortles comparison before. That would be ... yikes. He is right that there doesn't seem to be a no-brainer in this draft, but his opinion, my opinion and even a league-wide consensus means nothing when it comes to what the Texans do.

Houston played the second toughest schedule league-wide last season, a schedule that included all four participants in the conference championship games, writes Dave Zangaro of CSNHouston.com. He begins this post by saying "the Texans certainly earned" their No. 1 overall pick. I would disagree with that sentence on a semantic level. You "earn" the top pick by being the worst. And while the Texans' record was the worst in the league, you could argue their losses were more excusable than had their schedule been easier.

Some Texans news yesterday, as the team finally made official their staff of assistant coaches, which included 16 new coaches and the retention of special teams coordinator Bob Ligashesky. Defensive line coach Bill Kollar had been retained last month. Here's the Houston Chronicle's John McClain with a quick story on the group.

The Chronicle's Randy Harvey wrote Monday about the 12 billboards commissioned by a Houston attorney meant to urge Texans owner Bob McNair to draft Johnny Manziel and the growing sentiment elsewhere. He draws this comparison between Manziel and Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson: "It's true Wilson and Manziel are similar in size, mobility and leadership skills. Wilson is more controlled on the field, doing no more than necessary with his legs, avoiding mistakes, and giving the Seattle Seahawks' defense a chance to close out games. He also is more mature off the field." It's important to note here that Wilson had to learn not to do more than necessary with his legs and consequently turned into a much better passer. That's how you win in the NFL.