RTC: First unsure, Texans won over NRG

Reading the coverage of the Houston Texans ...

Reliant Stadium is transitioning to NRG Stadium, a partnership that NRG wasn't initially sure would be beneficial, writes Jordan Blum of Houston Business Journal. The Texans quickly won over NRG, said David Crane, CEO of the company whose name will be on the Texans' stadium. Fun fact: They'll add solar panels as part of a sustainable energy park plan.

Steph Stradley pens a piece for UltimateTexans.com discussing what the 2002 draft showed about quarterback development. She says that it's hard for any player to succeed under the wrong conditions, especially quarterbacks. She also says if the Texans waited to start David Carr until his offensive line was better, they never would have started him. "First-pick quarterbacks are expected to start right away, and if they aren’t good enough to do that, maybe they shouldn’t be the first pick." True story.

John Harris, newly of HoustonTexans.com, says the Texans are likely to target a slot receiver in the third day of this year's draft. He goes through some options for the Texans at this position, including Bruce Ellington of South Carolina, Robert Herron of Wyoming and Ryan Grant of Tulane, who he thinks could be fourth-round options. In this piece, Harris also takes a look at tight end options.