Texans pick Louis Nix III in 3rd

HOUSTON -- The pick: Louis Nix III, DT, Notre Dame

My take: Nix fell and fell and fell in the draft, but he had a really good attitude about it. "I fell. Some people had me first [round], but who cares?" Nix said. "I got drafted. A lot of people can’t say that." He's a big beefy nose tackle who will fit well in Romeo Crennel's system. The Texans gave up the 101st and 141st picks for him (the first picks in the fourth and fifth rounds).

Chocolate something or another: Nix's nickname at Notre Dame was Irish Chocolate. He filmed a YouTube series called Chocolate News. I was told by NFL Nation Detroit Lions reporter Mike Rothstein that his nickname was Chocolate Thunder, and Nix corrected me, but added: "You can call me that if you want." But when one reporter mentioned Dwight Howard's reality show and how that seemed right up Nix's alley, he said he was focused on work. When he needed to, Nix got serious.

What's next: Let's find a tune to sing this to: The Texans still need a quarterback.