Defense revels as offense has an off day

During a drill late in practice, a series of plays must have infuriated Houston Texans coach Bill O'Brien.

First, running back Andre Brown fumbled. A few plays later safety D.J. Swearinger picked off quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, looking back at the intended receiver as he raced in the other direction. Soon afterward, Dennis Johnson committed a false start and then the quarterback-center exchange was botched.

Later, noise arose from the defense when two offensive players were called for a false start. Linebacker Justin Tuggle jumped in place motioning with his hands for them to run a lap. The offensive players involved in the play had to run to the sideline and back.

"I’d say the defense had the upper hand today," O'Brien said.

Today's practice, the second padded practice the Texans have had, was more complex. But to O'Brien there's no reason that should have led to sloppiness on the field.

"Third down, different blitzes, different protections, it’s all part of the installation process," O'Brien said. "But still like I said, we have a high standard here. We talk to each other. Not the coaches to the players, each other. We’re all in it together. We expect to go out there and perform well and not make mistakes, and when we do, we’ve got to correct them and make sure we don’t make the same mistake twice."