All-Pro voters can't locate J.J. Watt, either

By design, one of the toughest things for opponents facing J.J. Watt is figuring out where he is lined up from play to play.

It's a problem that extends beyond Watt's opponents, apparently. Watt was once again voted unanimously to the Associated Press All-Pro first team, but 45 of the 50 voters voted him a first-team defensive end, and five voted him a first-team defensive tackle.

This season, Watt lined up six times at tackle, but he also lined up at both outside linebacker spots and once at inside linebacker, a position from which he has one sack.

"I mean, half the time I have no clue where I'm coming from, so it makes it pretty tough for the other people, I think, and that's the goal," Watt said this season. "The goal is to try and keep things mixed up so that we try and avoid as many of those double and triple teams as we can."

The evolution of Watt's movement has been interesting. Watt did move around quite a bit this season, but he spent a lot less time inside than he has in past seasons.

In 2012, when Watt won his first defensive player of the year award, 8.5 of his 20.5 sacks came from left defensive end, and 10 came from left defensive tackle.