Colts Mailbag Part II: What's going on with Robert Mathis?

Here's Part II of the Colts' Weekend Mailbag.

Mike Wells: I was told Robert Mathis didn't re-tear his Achilles (there were some rumors about that), but he did suffer a slight setback. The road to recovery for him is a long one because he's no longer in his mid-20's. Mathis will be 34 years old on Feb. 26. Some have mentioned how Baltimore's Terrell Suggs was able to recover quickly from his torn Achilles. Suggs tore his in April 2012 and was back on the field by Oct. 21 of that same year. ESPN.com Ravens reporter Jamison Hensley said Suggs wasn't back to his explosive ways until the following season. Suggs was also only 29 years old when he suffered the injury. It's unknown what type of player Mathis will be once he returns to the field for the Colts.

Wells: Most mock drafts have Landon Collins off the board by the time the Colts pick at No. 29. They'll likely have to move up to select him. Collins, according to the draft experts, is the best all-around safety in the draft.

Wells: So much depends on which player is available when they select because they can go several different ways with that first pick. They need help at safety, defensive lineman, offensive lineman and in the pass-rushing department. I'd be shocked if the Colts picked a running back or receiver in the first round.

Wells: I can see them signing a veteran and pairing him up with a young player because they have to find two starting safeties. And when I say young, I don't necessarily mean a rookie, but rather a player who has played a couple of years in the NFL, but still is young in age. The Colts are trying to take a step defensively to close the gap between that unit and the offense, so having players with experience at safety would play a part in helping the unit improve.