Jeff Saturday: Colts offensive linemen would be fined for doing ESPN Body Issue

INDIANAPOLIS – It’s probably a good thing center Jeff Saturday isn't still playing for the Indianapolis Colts because offensive linemen Jack Mewhort, Anthony Castonzo and Todd Herremans would be hearing it from Saturday for taking part in ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue.

Saturday also would make the trio pay the price.

Mewhort (6-foot-6, 312 pounds), Castonzo (6-7, 311) and Herremans (6-6, 323) are in the issue with nothing on other than a helmet covering their private parts.

“We fined each other, you know, we used to crush each other on fines,” Saturday said. “The league has totally changed. We used to support Thanksgiving outreaches and Christmas outreaches from the money that we hit from guys who were drawing attention. So, those dudes would be broke, they would take mortgages out on their home had they been playing during our time. We would not have allowed that kind of thing to go unfined. They may have done it, but ESPN better have paid them a whole bunch of money to get naked because when we were playing it would’ve cost too much.”

Would Saturday, who will be inducted into Colts Ring of Honor at halftime of the Sept. 21 game against the New York Jets, have ever appeared in ESPN’s Body Issue?

“Well first of all, I don’t think ESPN would ever ask me to do the body issue,” Saturday said laughing. “I don’t think I have the body.”