WR Phillip Dorsett has been the best rookie in training camp for Colts

Mike Wells: That honor goes to first-round pick Phillip Dorsett. But Dorsett wasn't the only rookie who stood out during camp. I recently had a conversation with a team official and they had praise for Dorsett, safety Clayton Geathers, running back Josh Robinson, defensive tackle David Parry, defensive end Henry Anderson and offensive lineman Denzell Goode. Cornerback D'Juon Smith is a confident player, but he's getting tested every day in training camp because he's having to face a talented and fast receiving group on a regular basis. Smith's taking his lumps, but it'll hopefully pay off for him down the road.

Wells: I agree the Colts will have a top-five defense after the first five games of the season. Their first five opponents are Buffalo, the Jets, Jacksonville, Tennessee and Houston. The Colts don't have to worry about any of the quarterbacks on those teams beating them. And Buffalo's LeSean McCoy is the only running back that could get Indianapolis fits. I'm not ready to say the Colts will have a top-eight defense by the end of the season. The Colts, who finished 11th in the league in defense last season, follow that five-game stretch by facing Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Cam Newton, Matt Ryan and Peyton Manning. That's when you'll get a better indication of what type of defense the Colts have because their struggles against pocket-passing quarterbacks last season is well documented.

Wells: You can expect Andrew Luck to become the highest-paid player in the NFL once he gets his next contract. The Colts and Luck's representatives will begin negotiations after the season. Beyond that, though, nobody knows the answer because nobody knows how negotiations will go.