Chuck Pagano will try to save his job by facing three teams with a combined 18-1 record

INDIANAPOLIS -- Eighteen and one.

That’s not the Indianapolis Colts' record in their last 19 games. That’s the combined record of their next three opponents as coach Chuck Pagano continues to fight for his job on what has turned into a week-to-week basis.

The Colts have games against Carolina (6-0), Denver (6-0) and then Atlanta (6-1) after their bye week. Those aren’t three teams Indianapolis needs to be facing when it can’t seem to do anything right and the ice Pagano is standing on with his job is getting more and more cracks in it.

Where are the AFC South opponents when you need them?

The Colts are 0-4 in games outside of their division this season.

“I got another day, so it’s a good day,” Pagano said. “You go back to work. You can’t wallow around in self-pity, this, that and the other, you’ve got to grind. That’s how this thing goes. There are going to be good days. There are going to be bad days. We don’t judge. We just keep moving forward.”

You wouldn’t have worried about facing a good defensive team with Andrew Luck as your quarterback in the past. That’s not the case this season, as the Panthers and Broncos both have defenses ranked in the top 10 in the NFL. Carolina is seventh overall and Denver has the league’s top defensive unit.

The Colts have committed 15 turnovers and they’re tied for 23rd in the league in scoring at 21 points per game.

The Falcons don’t have the defense that the Panthers and Broncos have, but they’re fourth in the NFL in total offense. That doesn’t bode well for a Colts defense that’s dead last in the league in yards given up a game.

“We all understand what we signed up for and we know there are going to be good days and there are going to be tough days,” Pagano said. “But for our guys, I’m not worried one bit about those guys going down that road. We got to have some success. We’ve got to find a way to get this thing obviously turned around. We’ve got a great opportunity coming up playing a great, great football team that’s playing at a high, high level right now.”