Jonathan Newsome's off-the-field baggage makes it unlikely that Colts will re-sign him

Jonathan Newsome had 6.5 sacks in his rookie season in 2014 but struggled in 2015 and was plagued by issues off the field. Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Linebacker Jonathan Newsome had an impressive rookie season when he tied for the Indianapolis Colts' lead in sacks with 6.5 during his rookie season in 2014. But Newsome took significant steps back during his second season, totaling only 19 tackles and a sack.

Mike Wells: I don’t see that happening. The Colts wouldn’t have released Newsome had they felt confident in his ability on and off the field. They released him less than a week after he was arrested for marijuana possession in February. Newsome wasn't convicted for the marijuana, but he was sentenced to supervised probation earlier this week.

Newsome squandered his opportunity with the Colts. He was in the position to be the Colts’ pass-rush specialist for years to come because Robert Mathis is 35 years old and Trent Cole is 33 years old. But Newsome thought his off-the-field activities were more important than improving on the football field.

Newsome had the police called to his apartment twice in less than three weeks. They were called early in the morning on Jan. 31 when they also found marijuana in the residence. A friend of Newsome's was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana that morning. Newsome was arrested early on the morning of Feb. 17 when someone called the police with a loud music complaint coming from the linebacker's Zionsville, Indiana apartment. Newsome was taken into custody on two counts of possession of marijuana after he was observed with the drug.

Newsome’s recent problems go with him being suspended for two games while having a bag in his wallet that contained marijuana in it while at Ball State in 2012.

Newsome will likely get another shot to play in the NFL, but all indications are it won’t be with the Colts.