Colts' Pat McAfee tweets about 'random' drug test after 67-yard punt

A letter was waiting for Pat McAfee on Monday calling on him to take a drug test. AP Photo/Michael Conroy

INDIANAPOLIS -- Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee showed off his leg strength by nailing a 67-yard punt against Buffalo over the weekend, but two days later he received a letter saying he needs to take a random drug test.

McAfee tweeted Monday morning to let his 453,000-plus followers know that there was a note waiting for him once he arrived at the facility.

Maybe it's a coincidence, but the timing is definitely interesting. McAfee said his drug test Monday was for steroids.

"I would have been offended if they didn't test me," McAfee said. "You average 59 yards a punt. If you don't get tested for that, you're kind of upset about it to be honest ... One time I drank Smartwater and thought I was going to fail for intelligence. Today I drank Propel (water). It was a good, smart, intelligent (sample) today."

This is not the first time McAfee has had to take one of the NFL's random drug tests. He had to take a test in April after he tweeted about 4/20 (April 20), a date on which people annually smoke marijuana.