Andrew Luck has had to resist the temptation to throw a football

Should Colts fans be worried about Luck? (2:01)

Michael Smith and Jemele Hill discuss if worrying about Andrew Luck's rehab and potential absence from training camp is premature. (2:01)

INDIANAPOLIS -- Quarterback Andrew Luck admits he’s had the urge to pick up a football and throw it.

That’s understandable when you take into consideration that about a month was the longest the quarterback has gone without throwing a football prior to his right shoulder surgery five months ago since he started playing the game when he was around 7 years old.

“There certainly is an urge to get up and throw it, but that’s not part of the protocol,” Luck said. “I understand that’s way more important than any sort of instinctual urge right now for me. It’s not that difficult.”

Being able to throw a football for the first time since January is coming for Luck. That’s the next step in his rehabilitation. The timetable on that happening is uncertain, but not surprising. The plan all along was for Luck not to workout with the team during its offseason activities.

“Yeah, absolutely approaching,” Luck said. “I’m not going to get into specifics, dates and timelines. I think timelines are unfair to everybody involved in the whole thing. So that’s what we’re working for. That’s a step to work towards.”

Once Luck does start throwing, he won’t step on the field and throw a lot of passes. His number of throws early on will be restricted.

“There’s going to be obviously a number, a pitch count on that, and he’s going to have to continue to build from the ground floor up as far as that goes,” coach Chuck Pagano said. “So there’s really no telling. But we’ll just listen, like we always do, to our docs and our trainers and listen to Andrew. He knows himself and he knows his body better than anybody else.”

In the big picture of things, the Colts want to make sure they do all the right things with their franchise quarterback to make sure he’s taking the snaps when they face the Los Angeles Rams in Week 1.