Colts were already preparing to face Pryor

INDIANAPOLIS -- What started as a suspenseful (that’s an exaggeration) Monday over who Oakland would start at quarterback against the Colts this weekend came to an end that evening.

The Raiders plan to start Terrelle Pryor at quarterback this weekend, according to multiple media reports.

Pryor is more difficult to prepare for than Matt Flynn because of his ability to be creative with his feet if things break down in the pocket. Don’t get me wrong; Pryor is definitely still a work in progress. It starts with him being an inconsistent passer.

“He’s a dual threat so you got to keep him boxed in as much as you can,” outside linebacker Robert Mathis said Monday. “But you can’t forget about [Darren] McFadden at all.”

The Raiders scored 32 points on 14 drives with Pryor at quarterback during the preseason.

Pryor or Flynn, it doesn’t matter for the Colts because they shouldn’t have any problems beating the Raiders on Sunday.