Referee's explanation of reversed call

CINCINNATI -- Here's the transcript on referee Jeff Triplette's explanation on why he reversed the play where the Colts appeared to stop the Bengals on fourth-and-goal from the 1-yard line late in the first half of their 42-28 loss:

Were there differing views among the officials about whether BenJarvus Green-Ellis was down initially?

Triplette: There was discussion about whether the runner was touched down at the goal line or not.

What did you see in the review?

Triplette: When we reviewed the video at the goal line, there was nobody touching him there, and then he bounced into the end zone.

What about the nose tackle? It appeared he might have had a shot at Green-Ellis?

Triplette: I don't know about that, what position ... There was nobody that touched him at the goal line.

So you didn't look at whether anybody touched him in the backfield?

Triplette: We looked at the goal line, (those) were the shots that we looked at.

There was a question about whether the nose tackle initially swiped at him and started him tripping?

Triplette: We reviewed the goal line.