Colts rookies get new haircuts from vets

ANDERSON, Ind. -- The Indianapolis Colts have hit that point in training camp where they’ve looked to add some different entertainment to their evenings in the dorms after practice.

So what did they decide to do?

Open up a make-shift barber shop with rookies serving as the clients.

Veterans like Cory Redding and Art Jones tested their haircutting skills on rookies like Jack Mewhort and Tony Washington.

“Just having fun,” Jones said. “No hazing, just a good time. There were a lot of funky haircuts and guys letting loose.”

Don’t worry, though, the rookies got more than just funky-looking haircuts. They had some pizza and Gatorade to drink.

“Training camp team bonding,” Redding said. “It was a fun atmosphere. It’s that point in camp where you get a little bored. An idea popped up and the rookies were willing to do it, and it was about a sense of brotherhood. We were taking pictures in the locker room earlier today. Those are things that get us through camp. Those are things that help build chemistry and tight bonds for the season.”

Not even Redding owning a barbershop could stop Mewhort from getting a haircut that had him keeping his hat on around the media on Tuesday. Mewhort’s parents reached out to him shortly after a picture of his new haircut made its way on to Twitter.

“I think it’s an honor when a group of guys who have been successful in this league for so long, come and grab you and say, ‘Hey come with us we want to initiate you,’” Mewhort said. “I said, ‘Yes, let’s do it.’ It’s something I’ll remember for a long time, kind of breaks up camp instead of going back at night and studying your iPads.”