Jacksonville Jaguars mailbag

Got questions about the Jacksonville Jaguars? I’ll try to answer a representative selection of them every Saturday. Submit your questions via Twitter to @ESPNdirocco.

@ESPNdirocco: Denard Robinson had a pretty good stretch in Weeks 7-9, but did tail off a bit after that. Perhaps the biggest reason is opposing defenses are putting eight men in the box to stop the run and daring the Jaguars to beat them with the pass. So far they haven't been able to do that, so I expect defenses to continue.

@ESPNdirocco: I would be fine if that's the way the Jaguars choose to go, but I don't think Ndamukong Suh will be one of their top targets. To get Suh they would have to massively overpay, and the Jaguars would be better served spreading some of that money around to make sure they pick up some veteran offensive linemen, a tight end, a free safety, and possibly another running back.

@ESPNdirocco: Pass-rusher. The Jaguars have rushed the passer very well this season (39 sacks), but they lack an elite rusher for which opposing offenses have to game-plan. Like J.J. Watt or Justin Houston.

@ESPNdirocco: Possibly, but it depends on if they can address other needs in free agency. If a big-time back is sitting there at the top of the second round, like Todd Gurley or Melvin Gordon, for example, then the Jaguars might be tempted. I think they try to shore up the defense first, and maybe take a back in the later rounds.

@ESPNdirocco: Probably center Luke Bowanko. He was a sixth-round pick and the Jaguars weren't expecting to get him on the field in November and December just to see what they had. Well, he outplayed Mike Brewster and Jacques McClendon, won the job, and has been pretty steady all season. Nobody knows what Justin Blackmon's future holds until he applies for reinstatement. Then we will see if he faces any further punishment and if he will be able to be back on the field anytime soon.

@ESPNdirocco: If I have to pick one position, I'm going to go with linebacker. The Jaguars need to get faster and add more playmakers there. Telvin Smith is a good start, but Gus Bradley's defense really needs athletic, fast linebackers to be successful.

@ESPNdirocco: The Jaguars aren't releasing much info about George Yarno and his battle with cancer because he wants to retain some privacy, but I know he's still undergoing treatment and still faces a tough battle. I don't expect him back with the team anytime soon.

@ESPNdirocco: Setting a record for most questions in one tweet there, Eric. OK, here we go: I think so, but it depends on the strides Blake Bortles makes with his footwork and fundamentals in the offseason. Bring in a veteran and possibly a rookie to compete with Austin Pasztor in the offseason. Pass-rusher, linebacker, free safety, offensive line, and tight end. I believe Marqise Lee could really have a good year now that he's more comfortable in the offense.

@ESPNdirocco: Absolutely, but only if the Jaguars believe Amari Cooper is a legit No. 1 receiver. I was talking with someone inside the organization about this topic the other day. They're not sure if he's a No. 1, though, but it's too early in the process.

@ESPNdirocco: There are always going to be changes, but I don't believe Toby Gerhart is going anywhere. He's not costing a lot of money ($3 million cap hit in 2015) and coach Gus Bradley said this week that Gerhart has a place on this team next season. I don't think the Jaguars will be bringing Marcedes Lewis back, though. He will cost $8.3 million against the cap in 2015, and that's a lot of money for a player that has missed 11 games over the past two seasons.

@ESPNdirocco: That is likely to happen.