Jacksonville Jaguars mailbag

Got questions about the Jacksonville Jaguars? I’ll try to answer a representative selection of them every Saturday. Submit your questions via Twitter to @ESPNdirocco.

@ESPNdirocco: The Jaguars' defense calls for the strong safety to play in the box and the free safety to be athletic and fast enough to cover the width of the field. You need a guy that can run and has good instincts to play a single high safety. Collins seems more of a fit as a strong safety and the Jaguars are pleased with Johnathan Cyprien and feel he'll be a better player when they can pair him up with the right free safety. A name to watch is New England's Devin McCourty, a former corner who is scheduled to become a free agent.

@ESPNdirocco: I would rank an elite pass-rusher No. 1 followed by RT/OL and then linebacker. Now, that could change based on which players they sign in free agency. For example, if they find a right tackle they feel good about then that need drops and I'd move linebacker up followed by tight end and free safety.

@ESPNdirocco: I'm going to go on the assumption that 10 is an absolute lock to return in 2015 and 1 is no way. So, I'd put Cecil Shorts at a 1, Alan Ball at a 2, and Marcedes Lewis at a 3 (but he'd have to re-work his contract). I'm 50-50 on Geno Hayes, which would mean a 5, but I'm at a 7/8 on Tyson Alualu. He's had a solid season behind Red Bryant and I think the Jaguars want to re-sign him at reasonable money. I can't see a big market for him so I'm expecting him to be back.

@ESPNdirocco: Making the playoffs next season is not out of the realm of possibility. Granted, a lot of things have to go right -- specifically, the OL has to improve and the rookies on offense, particularly Blake Bortles, need to take major steps -- but it's possible. I don't think it happens, though. As for Gus Bradley, I don't know that he gets fired if the team doesn't make the playoffs but I do think his seat gets screaming hot if the Jaguars don't enter next December hovering around .500. Winning five or six games isn't enough progress in 2015. I'm not saying he gets fired if that's the number of games they win next season but it would mean the Jaguars better make the playoffs in 2016.

@ESPNdirocco: It's impossible to answer this question because we don't yet know which players are going to be available. I know fans want the Jaguars to target tight end Julius Thomas, but there's no guarantee he hits the open market. Denver could sign receiver Demaryius Thomas to a big deal and franchise Julius Thomas, for instance. However, I can tell you what positions I believe the Jaguars are going to target: some veteran offensive linemen to provide competition and quality depth, a pass-catching tight end, and most likely a veteran receiver to replace Cecil Shorts. That doesn't mean Randall Cobb. Think more along the lines of what the Jaguars did in signing Torry Holt in 2009.