Jaguars free agents: Will Ta'ufo'ou

Each day through Feb. 20 I'll examine Jacksonville Jaguars players who are scheduled to become free agents on March 10.

FB Will Ta'ufo'ou

Summary: Ta'ufo'ou had no carries and only seven receptions in 2014. He was only on the field for 219 out of a possible 987 offensive snaps. The Jaguars ranked 21st in the NFL in rushing (102.1 yards per game).

Why re-sign him: It's unclear how much the Jaguars are going to use the fullback in Greg Olson's offense, but it would seem that it will be much more than under Jedd Fisch. While Olson was in Oakland last season, fullback Marcel Reece had 58 touches (21 carries, 37 catches) and he was on the field for 374 snaps. If it will be a similar amount in 2015, then bringing Ta'ufo'ou back makes sense because he has done an OK job as a blocker and as a receiver out of the backfield. He's the only proven commodity at the position on the roster.

Why let him go: Ta'ufo'ou isn't anything more than an average NFL fullback and he's going to be 29 years old when the season begins. It might be better for the Jaguars to try and develop a younger player to fill that role. Plus, the Jaguars would be better served throwing the ball to any of the other backs out of the backfield instead of Ta'ufo'ou.

Best guess: I think the Jaguars let him go.