Jacksonville Jaguars mailbag

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@ESPNdirocco: Not really. It doesn't make sense to me to add an aging back at this point. I'd rather take a young guy with fresher legs in the draft and work from that direction. The only one I would consider is Adrian Peterson. I'd stay away from DeMarco Murray because of the injury history and high mileage. @ESPNdirocco: Dante Fowler Jr. is the hot defensive end right now and from what I've seen he's going to be a good player. He can play end or the otto linebacker spot, and that versatility is valuable. If the Jaguars took him at No. 3 I'd have no problem with it. @ESPNdirocco: There's always a chance but like I said earlier, Peterson is the only one I'd go after, and even then it'd have to be a very team-friendly deal. I'd stay away from Reggie Bush because he's turning 30 in March and that's usually the tipping point with backs. Plus, he wasn't effective last season. Denard Robinson can do what they'd ask Bush to do and is younger and faster. @ESPNdirocco: From what I've heard, Sen'Derrick Marks is on schedule and has had no setbacks in his ACL recovery. Marks' status in no way would impact the Jaguars' interest level in Ndamukong Suh. He's the best defensive tackle in the game and a difference-maker on defense. However, I don't believe the Jaguars have any interest in Suh. He'd be outrageously expensive, and just because the Jaguars have plenty of money available doesn't mean they should spend it on him. @ESPNdirocco: I don't see it having any kind of major impact. The Jaguars already are invested in analytics so this doesn't change that. @ESPNdirocco: The Jaguars are going to go after a veteran receiver but it will be someone who will have much more impact than Harry Douglas. If the Jaguars were to sign him it would be later in free agency, but I don't see what he would bring that a guy such as Randall Cobb, Jeremy Maclin, Michael Crabtree or Hakeem Nicks wouldn't. @ESPNdirocco: I guess you're asking if Marcedes Lewis or Paul Posluszny are going to be bounced. I don't believe Posluszny is going to get cut -- if he does, it's only because he has agreed to re-sign immediately at a more cap-friendly level (he's currently counting $9.5 million against the cap). Lewis is another matter because he's scheduled to count $8.2 million against the cap, but the Jaguars don't have to cut him. They've got so much room that they could keep both players and be fine. @ESPNdirocco: That's logical because the Jaguars and Raiders aren't going to take a quarterback. I don't think the Redskins would, either. The New York Jets pick sixth and they might take a quarterback, so if the Eagles wanted to move up to get Marcus Mariota then they'd better come in at No. 5 at worst. Of course, the Jets could be thinking the same thing and try to move up as well. It'll be interesting how it plays out. @ESPNdirocco: I'd be surprised if the Jaguars took a receiver at No. 3, especially if they add a veteran in free agency. The best way for David Caldwell to help Blake Bortles is to fix the offensive line and find a pass-catching tight end in free agency. @ESPNdirocco: Depends on what you consider a king's ransom. The Eagles would have to give me LeSean McCoy and a second-round pick this year as well. They'd be coming up from No. 20 and that's going to require a steep price. @ESPNdirocco: That's a question that I can't really answer for several reasons: I'm not inside Caldwell's head, we don't know which players will be tagged, and the market changes depending on who gets tagged. Plus, if the Jaguars hit on a "big name" free agent at right tackle, for example, that will change their approach and likely won't go after a lesser-known guy at that spot. Or they might decide to address that position in the draft. @ESPNdirocco: Caldwell hinted that the Jaguars would like to sign two or three "big-name" free agents, but as for whom I can't tell you (see above). I do know the Jaguars want to add a veteran receiver (Cobb is atop the list), a right tackle (Bryan Bulaga?) and a pass-catching tight end (Julius Thomas?). The big-name guys will likely come from those positions. @ESPNdirocco: In my perfect world, I'm 6-foot-4 with a full head of hair and own a magic unicorn ... but that's not what you meant. I think the scenario you're talking about would be signing Cobb, Bulaga, and Thomas and then taking the best pass rusher available at No. 3. @ESPNdirocco: You forgot Tandon Doss, who missed last season with an ankle injury. He was third in the NFL in punt return yardage in 2013. Ace Sanders hasn't given the Jaguars much as a returner, which is what he was drafted to do. If he doesn't show anything in camp I think he's gone.