Jacksonville Jaguars mailbag: RB starter, draft and busts

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@ESPNdirocco: That's what happened Thursday night in the Mel Kiper/Todd McShay three-round mock draft, but there is no way the Jaguars, or anyone, can know if Vic Beasley or Randy Gregory will fall out of the first round. Banking on that would be irresponsible on the Jaguars' part. They will pick the player they like best in the first round and then worry about what's going to happen in the second. @ESPNdirocco: I think the player is currently on the roster -- unless the Jaguars are somehow able to draft Melvin Gordon or Todd Gurley. Otherwise, I expect Denard Robinson or Toby Gerhart to take the first snap at running back in 2015. It will be an interesting battle in training camp because Storm JohnsonBernard Pierce and a draft pick will be fighting for two spots. @ESPNdirocco: I know that happened in the Kiper/McShay mock on Thursday night, but I'd be surprised if Beasley were to drop out of the first round. So I'll say 5 percent. @ESPNdirocco: You are correct in that multiple good receivers can be effective. However, if you believe that Amari Cooper or Kevin White is a legitimate No. 1 receiver - like Dez Bryant, Julio Jones or A.J. Green - then it makes sense to take them. There aren't many true No. 1 receivers in the NFL and they have such an impact on the game, not to mention how much it would help Blake Bortles. Passing on a player like Bryant, Jones or Green would be a mistake. @ESPNdirocco: The game has changed over the last decade and a game-changing receiver is just as valuable as a game-changing pass rusher. In the Jaguars' case, the argument can be made for the game-changing receiver. The Jaguars' offense needs more help right now than the defense, especially in terms of big plays and scoring points. The Jaguars did a solid job rushing the passer last season (45 sacks, sixth in the NFL). In the Jaguars' case, it would probably be the receiver. I like Amari Cooper over Kevin White. @ESPNdirocco: It's not a very good group of safeties in the draft so I wouldn't expect the Jaguars to attack that position that early. However, there are some corners whom personnel people project as safeties, such as Florida State's P.J. Williams, and the Jaguars could choose that route. I don't think the Jaguars will do that in the second round, though. @ESPNdirocco: It depends on what happens in the first round. If the Jaguars take a receiver then I'd expect a pass rusher in the second round. If they take Leonard Williams or a pass rusher in the first round, then I'd expect a running back or receiver in the second round. More likely the receiver because there could be a run on those guys in the first. @ESPNdirocco: Actually, I didn't get it right. I thought the Jaguars were taking Khalil Mack. This year, however, I feel pretty confident in my pick that the Jaguars take Leonard Williams if he's there and if not it's either Dante Fowler Jr. or Vic Beasley. @ESPNdirocco: I doubt both make it because I expect the three second-year players and a rookie to make the roster. That means Tandon Doss, Bryan Walters and Ace Sanders will fight it out for one spot. My guess right now would be Doss, who led the NFL in punt return average in 2013. @ESPNdirocco: I don't think so. The Jaguars traded up last year because they had extra picks. They have only seven this year and they still need so much help that losing picks would really hurt. @ESPNdirocco: This might be the easiest question I've answered all year. Blaine Gabbert, R.Jay Soward and Derrick Harvey. The Jaguars at least got some production out of Matt Jones and Reggie Williams. Reggie Nelson and Fernando Bryant were OK. Blackmon had a very good debut. But those other three go down as the worst picks in team history.