Spending $82,549 at EverBank Field concessions

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- MetLife Stadium may want to consider giving New Jersey governor Chris Christie a customer rewards card.

Christie, according to NewJerseyWatchdog.org, spent $82,594 in concessions at the stadium where the New York Giants and New York Jets play home games in 2010-11. According to the website, Christie made 58 separate purchases in those two seasons, which came out to an average of $1,424 per trip.

That's a lot of popcorn.

It also got me thinking about what he could have purchased had he been attending Jacksonville Jaguars games instead. Though it's not an equal comparison, I got a list of concession prices at EverBank Field from 2014 and decided to have some fun and see what I could find.

One thing to remember: The Jaguars have the lowest Fan Cost Index in the NFL in 2014 as determined by Team Marketing Report. It's the amount of money for a trip to the game for an average family of four and comprises four average price tickets, two cheapest-priced draft beers, four cheapest sodas, four cheapest hot dogs, parking for one car, two game programs, and two of the cheapest adult-size adjustable caps.

The Jaguars' FCI is $345.598. The Giants' FCI was $582.76 and the Jets' FCI was $553.63. Those ranked sixth and seventh, respectively.

Now, on to some fun math: If anyone wanted to do their Christie imitation and spend $1,424 on one trip to the concession stand, here are couple ways they could do it:

A food and drink trip for 10 people ($1,420)

  • 40 32-ounce fountain sodas (one per quarter): $240

  • 40 large teas from Sonny's BBQ (one per quarter): $240

  • 20 regular chili dogs (one per half): $120

  • 12 cheddar bacon burgers (one per half): $120

  • 10 super nacho trays with extra cheese cup (one per person): $90

  • 40 24-ounce cans of Bud Light (one per quarter): $440

  • 10 20-ounce snow cones (one per person): $60

  • 10 bags of roasted peanuts (one per person) $60

  • 10 bags of cotton candy (one per person): $50

10 people purchasing only alcohol ($1,404)

  • 96 bottles of beer at $12 per bottle (eight per person): $960

  • 10 16-ounce double shot mixed drinks (one per person): $140

  • 10 glasses of wine (one per person): $70

  • $234 tip (20 percent of $1,170 tab)

Or you could break it down this way. If you wanted to spend $82,594 on one concession item at EverBank, you could purchase:

  • 13,765 32-ounce sodas or regular chili dogs

  • 8,259 cheddar bacon burgers

  • 7,508 20-ounce cans of Bud Light

  • 10,324 Burrito Gallery taco salad bowls