Jaguars mailbag question of the week: What keeps Gus Bradley, David Caldwell?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- It’s time for the Jacksonville Jaguars mailbag question of the week.

There’s no prize, other than the knowledge that your question piqued my interest the most. That should be enough, anyway.

@ESPNdirocco: It depends on what you mean by below average. A 7-9 record is below average, but I think everyone would agree that would be a marked improvement from the past several seasons. That would keep the Jaguars in the playoff race, theoretically, into December. Jaguars fans would be ecstatic with that kind of a season.

But if you’re talking about another season in which the team wins five or fewer games, then owner Shad Khan would have to make a tough decision with coach Gus Bradley. I think GM David Caldwell would be safe because he has done a good job rebuilding the roster -- it has much more talent than the one he inherited after the 2012 season -- and GMs generally get to make two coaching hires before getting booted. I know Khan really likes Bradley, however, and I think that might be something that could factor into his decision on whether to retain Bradley.

The bottom line, though, is that the Jaguars have to start winning more games. The team is entering the third season of the rebuilding project and it’s not unreasonable for the expectations to be challenging a .500 record in 2015.

I believe the Jaguars can do that and that would certainly be enough for Khan to keep Bradley.