Jaguars' OTA surprises, Marqise Lee's injury, and center competition

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@ESPNdirocco: I'm assuming you're talking about things directly related to Blake Bortles and not things such as poor offensive line play or a very good running game. If Bortles is to succeed it will be because he makes good decisions, both in the pocket along with where, when and how to deliver passes to receivers. Having a good arm and being a good athlete are nice, but the most important thing for a quarterback is good decision making. That's really the bottom line for me regarding Bortles. He has shown that he's a smart kid, a good leader, and willing to work his tail off. Good decision making is the key. @ESPNdirocco: In the game-by-game predictions blog I did after the schedule was released I had the Jaguars at 4-3 heading into their bye week. I took some heat for predicting them to beat Buffalo in London because of the Bills' defensive front, defensive guru Rex Ryan, LeSean McCoy, and Percy Harvin, but my response to that is only two words: EJ Manuel. He's the likely front-runner to be the starting quarterback, and if he's not it'll either be Matt Cassel, Matt Simms or Tyrod Taylor. That's not ideal. Plus, I think the fact that the Jaguars will be making their third trip to London gives them an advantage over the Bills. @ESPNdirocco: When GM David Caldwell announced that Denard Robinson would be getting work at kickoff returner he also said Robinson would have a significant role on offense. I expect him to get a few carries a game and be utilized as a receiver out of the backfield. It also wouldn't be a surprise to see both Toby Gerhart and Robinson on the field at the same time. I don't expect to see Robinson used in the Wildcat formation, however. I think that has run its course in Jacksonville. @ESPNdirocco: Jeff Tuel is not going to supplant Chad Henne as the No. 2 quarterback but he was signed to push Stephen Morris. He has more experience than Morris, has actually started a game, and he's another resource that Blake Bortles can tap. @ESPNdirocco: Aaron Colvin is getting work out the outside, but the Jaguars really like him as their top nickelback. I still expect to see Demetrius McCray and Davon House starting outside, but a team's nickelback is essentially a starter because most teams are in sub packages more than half the time anyway. The thing I like about Colvin is that he made some impact plays despite playing only 265 snaps as a rookie after returning from ACL surgery. He had 25 tackles, broke up two passes, batted down another, and returned a fumble for a touchdown. @ESPNdirocco: It's possible, but only if the Jaguars' defense was comparable to the Seattle defense of two years ago or the defense the Chicago Bears used to win the Super Bowl after the 1985 season. Even then it might be tough. Let's look at last season for proof.  The teams that finished in the bottom 10 in the NFL in scoring, which is the best stat to use when evaluating the effectiveness of an offense, averaged 19.9 points or fewer. Only one of those teams finished with a winning record (Arizona went 11-5 and made the playoffs). One other team finished .500 (San Francisco) and another finished 7-9 (Cleveland). The remaining seven teams won five or fewer games. You can't win consistently in the NFL without being effective on offense, and you can't be a playoff team without being very good on offense: Eight of the teams that finished in the top 10 in scoring offense made the playoffs last season. @ESPNdirocco: Receiver Ace Sanders has been the talk of OTAs because he's practicing consistently well and catching everything as he fights for a roster spot. He has been impressive, but the player that I've been pleasantly surprised by is Gerhart. He looks like he did before he got hurt in the season opener last year. You can tell he's finally healthy again. Plus, when you talk to him it's evident that he's rejuvenated by Greg Olson's offense, which features more inside zone runs than the previous offense. That's more of Gerhart's wheel house and he looks more comfortable carrying the ball. @ESPNdirocco: The atmosphere is no different here than it is in every locker room across the NFL at this time of year: Everyone's happy, optimistic, and believes the team is significantly better than it was last season. Honestly, it means nothing right now. Have you ever heard a coach say his team looks terrible in OTAs? No way. Coach Gus Bradley has previously acknowledged that the team needs to win more games in 2015, so it's not like the franchise is living in a fantasy world, but this time of year everyone is positive. @ESPNdirocco: The Jaguars say no, but I'm starting to wonder if Marqise Lee may be becoming another Cecil Shorts: Good when he's healthy but unable to stay completely healthy for an entire season. It's still early in Lee's career, so it's not fair to tag him with that label just yet. I think his hamstring issues last year were related to the fact that like most rookies he had been unable to train properly while going through the pre-draft process. Let's give him a chance to see how he responds when he comes back from this latest knee injury. @ESPNdirocco: I wouldn't say Stefen Wisniewski is a lock to start over Luke Bowanko. I expect Bowanko to fight to hold onto his job. However, offensive coordinator Greg Olson wanted to bring in Wisniewski because he's familiar with the offense and the calls and responsibilities the center has in the offense. He has more experience than Bowanko and is a pretty good player. Teams are always trying to upgrade talent so this isn't a knock on Bowanko, who played well considering the circumstances.