Jason Myers' kick snapped Jaguars' road losing streak, likely saved his job

Ad Pro Test Clip 206 - March 2017 (1:55)

Ad Pro Test Clip 206 - March 2017 (1:55)

BALTIMORE -- The greatest kick of his life, and Jason Myers never saw it.

He was on his back on the turf at M&T Bank Stadium, watching the video board in the opposite end zone. There is apparently a short time delay because he was still staring at the video board hoping his 53-yard field-goal attempt would be good when his teammates pulled him to his feet and mobbed him.

That was the point when he pretty much figured out that his kick was good and the Jacksonville Jaguars had beaten the Baltimore Ravens 22-20 on Sunday afternoon.

"Whoever came off the edge [knocked me down]," Myers said. "I kicked it and split second [later] I fall over him and then I was on my back looking up at the Jumbotron behind me. [Holder Bryan Anger] is shaking me going, ‘Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!’ and I was still going, ‘Go in! Go in! Go in!’"

The kick, which looked as if it would have been good from 60 yards, was the biggest of his life for several reasons. The first two are obvious: It gave the Jaguars their third victory of the season and it also snapped a 13-game road losing streak dating to Dec. 1, 2013, at Cleveland.

The field goal also likely saved his job, which was definitely in jeopardy after he missed a 26-yard field goal late in the third quarter that would have given the Jaguars a 16-14 lead. According to ESPN Stats & Information research, that was the shortest missed field goal in the NFL this season. It also was his fourth miss of the season, and while it wasn’t as devastating as the two potential game-winning field goals he missed against Indianapolis on Oct. 4, it definitely put him in jeopardy of being cut.

After Myers missed his third PAT of the season in the Jaguars’ victory over Buffalo on Oct. 25 in London, the Jaguars brought in Randy Bullock and Zach Hocker for workouts. Jacksonville wasn't impressed with either and decided to stick with Myers, a rookie who the team opted to keep instead of veteran Josh Scobee.

It was a message to Myers, though: Get better or you might be gone.

Not that he was thinking about any of that after his pulled the 26-yard attempt left.

"I don’t let stuff affect me good or bad," Myers said. "I’ve got one mindset: Go out there and make every kick. If something happens and one doesn’t go through, that doesn’t change my mindset at all.

"If it doesn’t go through, I go back and kind of go over stuff in my head real quick. You never know. We could kickoff and there is a pick and a PAT coming up. You can’t think about it too much."

Despite Myers’ three missed PATs and four missed field goals -- including a 53-yarder that could have beaten the Colts at the end of regulation -- several players said there wasn’t a shred of doubt on the sideline that Myers was going to make the game winner.

"Even though he did miss the 26-yarder, we felt confident in him," said cornerback Davon House, who had two interceptions. "I bet he couldn’t wait for this opportunity to go out there and show the world that he’s better than what everyone thinks."

Myers did admit that he was hoping to find himself in the situation that he did: game on the line -- and whether he wants to admit or not, paycheck on the line, too. Some redemption for what was an ugly miss.

"I wanted to be the guy to come through," Myers said. "I got the opportunity and it went through today."

It just would have been nice if he had been able to see it.