Jaguars don't care what NFL says about error; they're taking the win

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Jacksonville Jaguars are aware of the NFL’s statement that they shouldn’t have beaten the Baltimore Ravens because the officials missed a false start penalty on the play before Jason Myers’ game-winning kick.

They just don’t care.

Not one teeny tiny bit.

"I don’t give a damn what they think now," defensive end Jared Odrick said. "It’s in the books, right?

"It’s just like whenever we send in holding calls that happen throughout the game or an illegal block or anything like that. They always talk about, ‘Yeah, this call should have been [overturned],’ but that’s not going to change the game for us."

According to the NFL, the Jaguars players were not set for a full second before snapping the ball and therefore should have penalized for a false start. That would have required a 10-second runoff and the game would have been over.

No facemask penalty by Elvis Dumervil for an additional 15 yards and an untimed down. No 53-yard field goal for Myers to atone for missing a 26-yarder earlier in the game. No celebration.

Offensive coordinator Greg Olson said it took the Jaguars 12 seconds to line up and get set for the full second during practice in two-minute drills. The Jaguars snapped the ball on third-and-15 with 14 seconds remaining and quarterback Blake Bortles completed an 11-yard pass to tight end Julius Thomas. There were seven seconds remaining when Thomas was tackled at the Baltimore 49-yard line.

"That didn’t surprise me we were able to get back and get set," Olson said. "It’s disappointing [that the NFL would release a statement] but I think there’s calls every week that you get back from the NFL where they will let you know which ones are correct or which ones they felt like they were wrong about. That’s part of it."

Gus Bradley said he did briefly talk to the team about the NFL’s statement. He also said that didn’t put a damper on their victory.

"We really, truthfully haven’t put a lot of time into it," Bradley said. "Believe me, we celebrated it [the victory]."

Bortles smiled and said, “No, not really,” when asked whether he cared about the NFL’s admission that the officials erred. He also had a little fun with the situation when he was talking about whether he regrets making the throw to Thomas in the middle of the field instead of throwing something to the sideline.

“Well, I was planning on getting a facemask the next play so it was irrelevant,” he said.

It was a lighthearted moment that drew a lot of laughter, but it also drove home the point that the Jaguars don't care about the error.

"For some reason, some way we won," Odrick said. "We found a way to win and [we don’t] give a damn what the NFL thinks now. It’s behind us."