Fight DT Malik Jackson? Bring it, says Jaguars QB Blake Bortles (relax, he was joking)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Full pads go on for the first time for the Jacksonville Jaguars on Tuesday, which means there’s a greater likelihood of a training camp fight.

It’s the most physical day of camp so far. It’s hot. Tempers flare. Someone mouths off. There’s a shove, another shove, and then two guys are going at it. Usually for only a few seconds before teammates and coaches rush in and break things up.

Ten minutes later, everybody’s friends again.

Players generally don’t want to fight their teammates. When it comes to Jaguars players, they definitely don’t want to fight right tackle Jermey Parnell. The 6-foot-6, 315-pound Parnell was the clear winner in a quick survey of Jaguars players on the teammate they’d least like to fight.

The guy who came in second? Defensive tackle Roy Miller (6-2, 320) who is among the nicest and quietest guys on the team.

Here are the results of the highly unscientific survey, and remember, these guys had fun with the idea:

QB Blake Bortles

"I’ll beat everyone’s ass in here but Roy Miller. I’ll [mess] Malik Jackson up. I’m just kidding. Roy Miller would probably be my last [choice to fight]. If I had to pick anybody to fight it’d probably be [long snapper Carson] Tinker. Like, 'Hey, Blake, you’ve got to get in a fight at practice.' 'Tinker! C'mon!'"

DE Dante Fowler Jr.

"I really wouldn’t want to fight Jeremy Parnell. I don’t want to mess with that dude. He’s mean and nasty, and that’s the reason I like going against him a lot. He sharpens me up, and he’s going to make me into a very dominant defensive end. I’m not going to fight him. If he tries to fight me I’m not scared to say, 'I’m not going to fight you, bro.'"

G A.J. Cann

"Big Roy. Big Roy’s a nice guy, but when he flips it’s like the whole practice gets quiet. Last year we were doing walk-through and somebody went too hard, and the whole practice got quiet because he was yelling. Roy’s one of those guys you don’t want to piss him off. He’s a quiet, cool guy, but those are the guys whose buttons you don’t want to push."

DT Malik Jackson

"I’m a Billy Baddass. I’ll take on any challenge. I’d say [tight end] Marcedes [Lewis]. Big guy. I would say, the big tackle, Parnell, too. He’s big and long, but I think Marcedes. He’s an L.A. guy, so I respect those L.A. guys a lot more. Real gangster, you know what I’m saying?"

CB Aaron Colvin

"JP [Parnell], because he’s just mean. He’s nasty and he’s strong. He’s strong as hell."

WR Bryan Walters

"You know, I wouldn’t want to get in the way of a Dante Fowler. He’s already tackling people, going full-go. I think when his temper gets going it could be dangerous for me. DBs? I get along with them too well. I wouldn’t want to get into a fight with [safety] Peyton [Thompson] because we’re good friends. I wouldn’t want to hurt him. Same with D-House [cornerback Davon House]. I’d probably hurt him, too. Anyone I would feel like I would hurt, I don’t want to get into a fight with. Actually, the new guy, [cornerback Jalen] Ramsey. He’s big, so I might not want to mess with him. Cyp [safety Johnathan Cyprien], he’s a big guy, too. Anyone really big I don’t know if I’d mess with."

RT Jermey Parnell

"I don’t want to fight none of my teammates. I just want to come out here and do my job. I’m fighting this hot-ass weather, I can say that."