Chris Ivory, T.J. Yeldon won't top 1,000 yards each, but could get close

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There were a lot of good questions, but unfortunately I can’t answer them all.

@ESPNdirocco: The only way I see that happening is if one of them gets hurt and the other has to carry the load for a significant amount of time. Chris Ivory and T.J. Yeldon shared first-team duties in the first two preseason games, though Ivory has 12 carries and Yeldon has only six. That doesn’t mean Ivory will get twice as much work. The Jaguars are going to rotate the backs and go with the hot hand. That could mean Ivory has 15 carries and Yeldon four one week and then those numbers are reversed the following week. I believe they’ll both end up in the 800-yard range, which would still be pretty good numbers.

@ESPNdirocco: I do believe Marqise Lee will be the breakout star in 2016. The reason why is simple: He’s healthy. Coach Gus Bradley said Lee’s mental approach regarding his health this year is significantly different than it was as a rookie and even in 2015 and that’s allowed him to approach this season with an uncluttered mind. Here’s Bradley’s explanation: “When he puts practices and stacks them up back to back, you can see his confidence grow. The challenge for him is to be positive about it and not be all full of stress and anxiety about what is going on. ... I have seen a level of maturity in him. When something unfortunate comes his way he handles it, accepts it, and moves on.” Lee’s speed sets him apart from the rest of the receivers and the Jaguars will find a way to get him the ball in space to let him use that speed.

@ESPNdirocco: I'm assuming you meant inside at guard. Bradley said this week that the competition between Luke Joeckel and Kelvin Beachum to be the starting left tackle is not over. If Beachum doesn’t perform well against Cincinnati or in practice next week, then I can see the Jaguars keeping Joeckel at tackle. However, I believe the plan all along was to have Beachum at left tackle and Joeckel at left guard. Had Beachum not been coming off a torn ACL they may have installed him as the starter as soon as they signed him. Joeckel has played well in the first two preseason games and the Jaguars would be OK with him at left tackle if that’s the route they decided to take, but the team believes he can be a very good guard and that’s what I think we’ll see when the season begins.