Misspelled name on jersey was news to Jaguars' Prince Amukamara

CHICAGO -- When a Jacksonville Jaguars equipment manager asked him to change his jersey at halftime, cornerback Prince Amukamara had no idea why.

A couple of things jumped into his head, though.

"I’m thinking, ‘Am I going to go into the Hall of Fame for something?’" Amukamara said. "I couldn’t think of anything that I was going into the Hall of Fame for. Then I’m thinking maybe a donor or sponsor wants a Prince Amukamara game-worn jersey. OK, cool."

Nope and nope.

Amukamara had to change because his last name was misspelled on the jersey. Instead of AMUKAMARA it was AMUAKMARA. Close, but incorrect.

Amukamara didn’t find out until after the game about the misspelling.

"And the [reporter] just told me it was misspelled," he said after the Jaguars’ 17-16 victory over Chicago at Soldier Field. "I guess he said a Giants fan took a picture of it and USA Today caught it."

To be fair, Amukamara is not an easy name to spell -- and it wasn’t the only ID glitch that happened on Sunday.

In the GameDay magazine sold at the stadium and distributed in the press box, the name below Jaguars defensive end Jared Odrick's picture was that of teammate Tyler Shatley. Odrick’s name was under a photo of Luke Joeckel.