Some Jaguars players don't understand fans' 8 years of frustration

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There were a lot of good questions, but unfortunately I can’t answer them all.

@ESPNdirocco: I know that head coach Gus Bradley has mentioned it to the team, but as far as calling a specific meeting to address the issue, that hasn’t happened. The team would obviously prefer the players not make comments critical of the fans, but that’s going to happen when you have the current situation: a team falling well short of expectations, several key players performing poorly, and a fan base that’s understandably frustrated with eight consecutive seasons without a playoff appearance or a winning record.

I’m not making excuses for the players, but if you look at the ones that have made critical comments -- Telvin Smith, Rashad Greene, Allen Robinson and Malik Jackson -- three of them are in their third or second season. They’re young guys and, in the case of Smith, Greene and Jackson, aren’t used to playing for a team that loses a lot of games. They’re frustrated at not playing well and winning games. Does that mean they get a pass? Not at all.

One thing that the players don’t realize is that while they’re frustrated with the way things have gone this season, the fans are still dealing with residual frustration from Gene Smith, Mike Mularkey, Justin Blackmon and Blaine Gabbert.

As for an apology, I don’t think you should expect one any time soon. It’s probably best, to be honest. Let things sort of fade away.