Jaguars chat recap: Spend wisely

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Here are highlights from the weekly Jacksonville Jaguars chat. You can find the full transcript here.

Big Al (Eating a big pizza pie): I found your answer to my question last week rather puzzling. I don't understand how you can say that the Jags wouldn't spend the money on [Maurkice] Pouncey to upgrade a position that they tried to do just that in acquiring Alex Mack. The Jags have over 20 million, which I gotta believe they will roll over into next year’s cap, which would give them plenty of money to acquire Pouncey or any other big time FA. That is not even counting the cap increase and the money they will have to spend in 2015. I be pleasantly surprised if [Mike] Brewster can at least be an avg C, but why not upgrade the position with Pouncey? He is much younger than Mack, plays at about the same level if not better, and will cost the Jags about the same amount they offered Mack. Did Pouncey steal your lunch money at Florida loll

DiRocco: They went after Mack because he is by far the best center in the game and they felt they could take a shot. But notice they didn't go after any other centers in free agency and only drafted one in the sixth round. That means they felt confident Brewster could do the job and they didn't view it as a need position. Going after Mack was just a "let's take a chance" move. Let's see how Brewster plays this season before we decide the Jags need to go after someone else. If he plays well and they like him it'd be a waste of money to go after Pouncey when they could use that on another position (maybe a tight end?). That's all I'm saying.

Willie (DUVAL): How are ticket sales? How’s my boy Andre Branch looking? Heard Gus rave about how much quicker he is. Did you see that in practice?

DiRocco: At the team's state of the franchise news conference a couple weeks ago, president Mark Lamping said season-tix renewals are about 10 percent higher than a year ago and new season-tix sales are up 15 percent. As for Branch, he had a good first week. I did notice his quickness, but that has never been his issue. It's his consistency, and so far that seems to not be an issue any longer. But it's early.

Jordan (Duval): 31 sacks last season. With the additions made via free agency and the draft, what is a realistic total for this unit in 2014?

DiRocco: It's tough to put a number on that, but I agree with you that the pass rush should be much better than it was the last two seasons. The Jags were actually much better in 2013 (31 sacks) than they were in 2012 (20). So let’s say anything in the 40-50 range would be pretty good.

James (KY): Are there any "under the radar" guys that haven't been talked about much that could not only make the roster but have a larger impact than expected/haven't taken notice of?

DiRocco: Keep an eye on TE Marcel Jensen. He's big (6-6, 270), strong, a solid blocker, but raw as a receiver. Another guy would be S Jerome Junior. The Jaguars need to upgrade FS and find some good depth behind [Johnathan] Cyprien at SS and he's a guy to watch.

Wally (Grand Rapids, Mi): What’s up with Chris Clemons not being there? I thought he was brought in to be a role model for the younger players. Doesn't look like he is making a good first impression.

DiRocco: He's been dealing with some personal issues (that the team hasn't disclosed) but Gus [Bradley] said he is 98 percent sure he'll be here for Monday's OTA. Gus said he's not worried about Clemons not being in shape but he would like him here because of the team/competition mantra he preaches. It is disappointing.