Jacksonville Jaguars mailbag

Got questions about the Jacksonville Jaguars? I’ll try to answer a representative selection of them every Saturday. Submit your questions every week via Twitter to @ESPNdirocco.

@ESPNdirocco: I think it's a bit premature to be talking playoffs, but Brandt isn't completely out there when he wrote that you can make an argument that the Jaguars will be able to win nine or 10 games and earn a wild-card spot. However, his argument depends on rookie receivers Marqise Lee and Allen Robinson making big impacts, quarterback Blake Bortles getting on the field (even though the Jags have said he's not going to play) and playing at the level Russell Wilson did as a rookie, and the offense suddenly becoming pretty good after being one of the league's worst in 2013. Realistically, the Jaguars are probably another year away from contending for the playoffs. I've predicted six or seven wins this season and I'll stick by that.

@ESPNdirocco: Wow. Just wow. I'm not sure I understand what Prosinski has done to warrant this level of criticism. Granted, he's not a great safety but he is a solid special-teams player. That being said, I think he's on the bubble in training camp and may not make the team -- but he's far from being the worst player on the roster.

@ESPNdirocco: Tight ends with a wide receiver's skills, like Jimmy Graham, are exceptionally valuable because they give an offense so much flexibility and present matchup issues in the secondary. Those guys are rare, though. Having a tight end that can line up off the line of scrimmage and be more than just a big target is really an advantage in the passing game because it opens the field up, especially on the edge. You don't have to have one, but teams that do -- and take advantage of that -- are more effective.

@ESPNdirocco: Not participating in organized team activities (OTAs) and minicamp because of foot surgery certainly hurt Evans. Guy will go into training camp as the starter, but it's not something Evans can't overcome. He's a smart player and that was his strength at Florida. One of Guy's strengths in the offseason was his consistency and that's something that Evans struggled with last season. If he can become more consistent, he has a chance to beat out Guy.

@ESPNdirocco: I think you'll see the Jaguars use him in a similar way but also try to take advantage of his size, especially in the red zone. The team hasn't had a receiver that big with those kinds of ball skills in a long time. The question will be how quickly he absorbs the offense and makes the transition to the NFL game. Rookie receivers often struggle with press coverage so we'll have to see how he handles that, too. As far as numbers, I think anywhere from 30-40 catches would be a very good season.

@ESPNdirocco: It's not sexy, but I'd say the battle between Jacques McClendon and Brandon Linder at right guard. The interior of the offensive line really struggled last season and the improvement there will really be a huge part of whether the offense is any better in 2014.