Jaguars' backs go with unified approach

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Jacksonville Jaguars' running backs are a close group off the field so that's why they wanted to be introduced as one group on the field on Sunday.

When Toby Gerhart's named was announced as the Jaguars' starter during pre-game introductions, the entire group of backs -- Jordan Todman, Storm Johnson, Denard Robinson and fullback Will Ta'ufo'ou -- accompanied him onto the field and through the dual lines of cheerleaders and teammates.

"We're just a tight group and we just said, 'Why not?'" Gerhart said Monday. "We saw our names on the board, Will and I, and said, 'Let's all come out together.' So we did that."

Todman said the group's closeness is a carryover from last season with Maurice Jones-Drew. They hung out together a lot and started calling themselves the wolf pack. They didn't get introduced as a group in 2013 but decided to take it one step further on Sunday, mainly because it is a group contribution. Every running back has carried the ball at one time or another this season and Ta'ufo'ou has contributed as a blocker and three pass receptions.

"We remembered doing it and the feeling that we had," Todman said. "It was a group decision: 'Why not? Let's do it.' It was good to have everybody out there active and able to play."

Will it they run onto the field as a group in the future, though?

"I'm totally fine with it," Todman said. "I'm sure we'll have a conversation. We'll figure it out and figure out what works."