Jacksonville Jaguars mailbag

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@ESPNdirocco: He's playing like a typical rookie. Some good plays, some bad plays. He had a very good game against Cleveland, forcing two turnovers, but had a terrible second quarter against Cincinnati. He missed a tackle on third down, missed a block that resulted in Bryan Anger's punt being blocked, and committed a personal foul penalty. The coaches love his speed and playmaking ability but he has to become more disciplined and more consistent. @ESPNdirocco: There can be some personnel changes, and that could help, but wholesale scheme changes won't happen. The bottom line is the units need to play better, especially rookies Telvin Smith (see above) and Craig Loston, who were responsible for the two blocked punts against Cincinnati. The breakdowns have been caused by poor fundamentals. @ESPNdirocco: He has been the Jaguars' most consistent defensive back since he joined the team in 2013 so he certainly would be a starter if he were healthy. However, he is in the final year of his contract and the Jaguars are likely planning on moving forward with Demetrius McCray, Dwayne Gratz and Aaron Colvin at cornerback so I don't expect Ball to be back next season. @ESPNdirocco: I cautioned people not to go crazy over Johnson when he had a good game against Pittsburgh and I'll say the something similar now: Don't write him off. He certainly could develop into a solid player but he has to prove he can be a reliable pass protector. @ESPNdirocco: I know the game in London has been very beneficial to the Jaguars, accounting for 15 percent of local revenue. However, I don't believe fans would be happy at losing two games overseas, especially if it comes against marquee opponents like Dallas or San Francisco. I still don't believe the NFL is as close to putting a team in London as everyone else -- too many logistical issues -- but the league is going to continue to tinker with the lineup and having a team play back-to-back home games there would be a good test. The Jaguars would be the logical choice given their exposure over there already. @ESPNdirocco: I agree with you for the most part. I think either linebacker or free safety can be addressed in free agency, too. If the Jaguars find a free safety there then I can see them going DE/LB/LB in the first three rounds. The linebacking corps really needs an upgrade, especially when it comes to adding speed.